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Imagine the possibilities!

What if...

– you finally figured out what's standing between you and the life you planned to lead?

– you realized that you're on track 98% of the time and you just need a little encouragement to stay there?

– you could "choose again" knowing what you know today?

Well, what's stopping you?
Jump into the world of Passionate Possibility, where the living is open and free and the action is always energetic, passionate and truly in sync with your highest and best self!

Just as the stack of lumber at the hardware store lies ready to become a table, a fence, a tomato stake or a child's toy (the choice is up to the carpenter), you contain the potential to be whatever you choose.

But what should you choose?
Which one is the best path? Isn't there a "right way" to live life, a mission you are "supposed" to fulfill? Probably not. Life is exactly what you make it. Which means (drum roll please) you can make it up any way you choose!

In fact, that's what you've been doing, even if you're not aware of it yet. Every choice you have made in your life was made by YOU: whether to turn left or right at the stoplight, whether to go to college or get a job, whether to plant a garden or play charades. It's all about you!

Uh-oh, you can see where this is going, right?
You guessed it: that means YOU are in charge of your life. Truly. Deeply. Magnificently. And now that you know (more aptly, remember) that you created your own life, you can decide whether your choices still fit you ... or not.

You say the choices are overwhelming? That's where we come in. Passionate Possibility and Linda Roggli have a virtual (and actual) garden of wonderful tools to help you make choices that are right for YOU. Remember: you're the one making the choices. I'm the one holding the door open for you. There are lots of ways to go about this:

And I am always generous with referrals if you need even more assistance. So, come on into this garden of growing delights where we nurture, water, fertilize and enjoy the harvest of living passionately!

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